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Disturbingly Beautiful


About a year ago, I was paid to take Nicole Kidman out to lunch! First impressions are the strongest: disturbingly beautiful, tall and coltish with tumbling golden hair. Nicole was a tour-de-force in blossoming womanhood. She had a confidence that spoke of the innocence of youth, the easy victories of the talented and the attractive.

Since then, her role in the film Dead Calm has had critics raving and — even though Nicole made her acting debut seven years ago at the age of 14 in Bush Christmas — magazine covers have been suddenly declaring: ‘A star is born’. With fame has come further opportunities, and pressures. In the past twelve months, Nicole has starred in the mini-series, Bangkok Hilton; has made another movie with her favorite director John Duigan, called Flirting; and between assignments, she has travelled overseas nine times, fallen off a horse, and fallen both in and out of love.

I caught up with Nicole Kidman a second time recently, in her Mosman flat. Closing my eyes to recall this scene. I am aware of two piercing blue eyes — nothing else. In the year since I had first snared by these glittering pools it seemed that something had changed. Where there had been gammon innocence, there were now flickers of sex and suspicion — as though some painful rite of passage had been passed. Nicole is an intensely private woman, and she refuses questions about her personal life. You can pry if you like, but you may as well try to seduce the moon. I tried, for a few hours…then as I was leaving, she asked:

“Have you seen the photos that are to go with this article?”

“I have straight hair, lots of make-up, and leather. It is time for a change. I’m always dubbed the child-woman. In every area I work I’m accused of operating like that — old one minute and very, very young the next. It’s weird, because I don’t think of myself like that. And I think it’s the reason why I don’t get cast in very sexually-oriented roles.”

Are you tired of being cast as a nice girl?

“Yes — now I want to do something really horny, something terribly erotic. I would like to have done The Unbearable Lightness Of Being, or something like that. Something where you are dealing with sex. I think now at 22, I’m quite aware of sexuality and some of the games that go on: it would be nice to utilise some of that knowledge.”

Some of that recent knowledge?
“I would really like to do something controversial. You can’t always worry about what everyone else thinks, I have to do it for me. I’m climbing a ladder for my career; I want to go up to the next rung, and keep on climbing so I can explore all my potential. I don’t ever want to go back down a rung.”

You are a lot more philosophical than you were last year.

“I suppose I have lost a little of innocence and naivete. It happens — as much as you don’t want it to happen. It’s good in a way, you have to grow up; there is nothing worse than a 45 year old who behaves like a kid. It’s a battle. I feel very confused at the moment — an unsettled state, because of all the things that have happened to me in the last year. I have gone from being an unknown to a person with a much higher profile. There is a lot more pressure on me now. The more successful, the more insecure I become.”

“You lose a lot of yourself with fame. I was at a party the other night — Ice Breakers. I love to dance, but every time I stood up someone took my photo. I could not dance. If I go to a club, I will always get some guy who refuses to leave me alone; or another guy who is making some deal; or ‘Gosh you look like Nicole Kidman’. I feel like I am being watched. I feel very self-conscious. People on the whole or all right, but guys can be quite rude.”

“That’s why I love going overseas. In London I can do what I like, no one recognises me. I don’t know how Kylie Minogue or Kim Basinger, stands it. It’s quite bizarre — dangerous. I have someone who writes to me all the time, telling me about his whole life, his relationships. He writes that he’s got to see me, he’s got to meet me. It’ s an obsession — yet look at that poor actress in Hollywood, where the fan came around and shot her when she opened the door. It’s really scary; it disorientates you.”

“Popularity comes in bursts. I have just had to do a lot of publicity for the Bangkok Hilton mini-series; and I received a blaze of publicity for Dead Calm. But fortunately things die down.”

You hate doing publicity?

“I feel like such a fraud. I wonder why I am sitting out in the sun drinking wine and answering these questions, when I should be inside working like everybody else. That’s when I feel quite strange; I feel like I have had all the luck and now something bad is going to happen to me. It is my own dark little cloud — I am learning to deal with it. I have had a fantastic 22 years so far, and sometimes I feel that the whole thing is going to fall apart. If it does, it does. It could be the best thing that ever happened to me. But I am also a fighter. I won’t go down easily. I like to fight; maybe that is why I am so unsettled at the the moment — I need a fight.”

I would have thought maintaining your identity would be enough of a struggle. Do you feel your life is slipping out of your hands?

“At the moment, a lot of other people have a big slice of my life. They’re all pulling on the strings in different directions. At some stage, I will have to stop and say: ‘Hold on, this is not what I want.’ What do I want? Oh God, are you going to say that I’m jaded? It’s just that I go up and down a lot, and you have caught me feeling down.”

It could be the flu, but perhaps you have changed?

“I don’t think I stars in my eyes any more. I think more about things; I’m asking more questions, and wondering why I’m not getting more answers. I listen more, and I feel more now. I worry more. There are still times when I throw caution to the wind and I don’t care. That used to be my existence, now I know it is not always going to be a rose garden.”

Life’s still good?

“Yes, I have had an exciting year. I met one of the men I admire most — Arthur Miller. My agent arranged a date. He was fantastic. I can see how Marilyn Monroe fell head over heels for that man: he’s 70 years old and he’s still got it. Kind, intelligent, and sensitive, he also has a great joy for living. He said there were different types of people in the world: those who approached life intellectually, those who approached life from the heart, then others who find conflict between the two. He had always taken the intellectual approach until he met Marilyn. Here was this woman who in every other way was wrong for him, except for his heart going — Wow! and his sexuality going — Wow! I desperately wanted to talk to him about Marilyn, but instead we talked about the communist witch-hunts in Hollywood back in the fifties, the trial he went through.”

“He’s so cool; we hailed a cab and went to a seedy place downtown. There was this fabulous comedienne: a really strong feminist, called Rhona, doing a stand-up routine that had all the males in the room wincing. She was very funny, better than Robin Williams, and I thought: ‘Oh my God! Here I am in New York with Arthur Miller’ — and I had to pinch myself. I went straight home and rang my parents.”

“It’s funny, everybody made such a big thing out of me and Warren Beatty. Which was crap: nothing ever happened; it was not my dream to meet him. I met all the young American actors this year and none of them was half as exciting as Arthur Miller.”

You have done a lot of traveling this year…

“Yes, I’ve been overseas about nine times. For Bangkok Hilton, I went to Thailand, London, and Goa in India. I’m leaving tomorrow for Japan, London, and New York. My body has become accustomed to traveling: I sleep on the plane and wake up ready for rehearsals. I spend a lot of time in Los Angeles, that takes getting used to I had a horse-riding accident in LA a couple of months ago. This guy had some polo ponies, and he asked me to go riding. I got on this very big horse and somehow I spooked it. It threw me as we were going over a jump and I got up, with everything going black, saying ‘Shiiiit!’ with blood running down my neck. They took me to UCLA hospital. In Australia you never see this — it was chaos. A group of ten children who had been in a bus accident went into emergency ahead of me and then, as I was waiting for stitches, they said I would be delayed because they had to go with a guy who came in with eight bullets holes in him. It went on that for eight hours while I waited to be attended. I asked them if it was always this crazy and they said, ‘You should see it on Saturday night.'”

You have been quoted as saying you are attracted to danger…

“Yes, that’s true. The old adrenalin gets pumping and I don’t think of the consequences. It is almost as there us someone up there looking after me; and I put my life in their hands. Once something really bad happens I slow up — but I do like taking risks. At times I get so excited that I shake and shiver, then other times I get so depressed I don’t want to get out of bed.”

I suppose they’re the times you need your friends; you have a lot of female friends as I recall.

“Women make a lot of friends. I can know a girl for a short time and be able to share many things. Men don’t seem to do that; they are much more guarded, something to do with theirmachismo. Although, I do get bored when women talk about men. I mean men are great, but it get tedious when women talk about their relationships: how bad their relationships are going; how good their relationships are going; how they want a relationship. I suppose to many woman it is the most important thing.”

Relationships are not important to men?

“They don’t talk about them. I don’t know, I find men totally confusing. Men are just … God, they drive you insane. They’re so ridiculous. I know a guy who says, ‘You just want to talk about it and talk about it’; and I say ‘Of course I do’. Mind you, it’s four o’clock in the morning. I find it unbelievable that you can have a fight, and a guy can just roll over and go to sleep. Men can cut off more than women can. Just at the moment I find them infurating, frustrating and confusing.”

You left out deceitful.

“I don’t know yet, I think everybody runs around a bit. Being with one person is the hardest thing to do, and requires so much work. I don’t trust people much anymore. I mean I had a guy take me out the other night, and within ten minutes he asked me to go to bed with him. I said, ‘Oh great’. And he said, ‘Wouldn’t most guys do that to you?’ I said, ‘I don’t believe this.’ So I don’t really trust men; you never know whether they are interested in you, or in what you are doing. You have caught me in a dark mood. Ideally, I would like to be alone and happy. The problem is, falling in love can be really addictive. They are the best and the worst times — because the whole time you are feeling good you are also thinking, ‘My God I’m vunerable.'”

What’s in the future for you?

“I am doing a film called Daytona which Tom Cruise is producing. Tom plays a racing car driver and I play a doctor. He falls in love with me. I can’t tell too much or someone will steal the plot. Robert Towne, who wrote Chinatown, is writing my part. He writes great scripts for women.”

“It was amazing, I arrived in LA with this dreadful cold and my agent called and said Tom Cruise wants to have lunch. He is terrific, 27 years old and America’s hottest young actor. He has his own production company with about 20 people working for him. Sitting down at lunch, he made ten phone calls. He is very disciplined, he gets up at about five every morning to begin his day with a work out. We had great chemistry, you know when it is working; we laughed all the time. Tom handles his fame very well, he is very relaxed and has a great sense of humour which seems to key in with the Australian sense of humour. He has worked with a lot of Australians: Dean Semmler, Bryan Brown.”

How did Tom hit on you?

“Warren Beatty showed Robert Towne Dead Calm, who showed Tom Cruise and he said, ‘I want to work with her.’ Which shows you how these links happen. With this big international film anything is possible; it us a giant stepping stone. Robert Duvall is starring in the film as well as Tom. He has the reputation of being difficult and I am a bit scared. But this film will give me an international profile. It is Paramount’s big film for release in summer. There is no script yet and it has to be out in May.”

Will we lose you to LA?

“Well, for five months at least. There is a film back here I would like to do because it would give me an opportunity to launch my raunchier character, but that is a long way off. These pictures in FOLLOW ME might change things — once people see can see my sexier side. Meanwhile, I start shooting in two weeks and that means five months in a hotel room by myself. That is alright, I want to be alone.”

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